Local Government

  1. Bylaws

    District of Highlands Bylaws

  2. Bylaw Enforcement Services

    Bylaw Information and Services

  3. Committees, Commissions & Boards

    Information of the District of Highlands various Committees, Commissions, Boards and Task Forces

  4. Council

    Meet your council members.

  5. Departments

    Find out about the city's services to its citizens through the operations of separate departments.

  6. Emergency Program

  7. Employment Opportunities

    Apply for current and upcoming career opportunities.

  1. Government Transparency Portal

    Learn more about your government.

  2. Municipal Elections

    Information on municipal elections can be found here

  3. Newsletters

    District of Highlands newsletter and HDCA Highlander newsletter

  4. Proclamations

    current proclamations

  5. Resources

    Obtain government-provided resources.

  6. Sustainable Highlands

    Information on sustainability