Intermunicipal Committees, Commissions and Boards

  1. Capital Regional District Arts Committee

    Check out this committee on regional arts.

  2. Capital Regional District Board/ Hospital Board

    Discover the regional boards.

  3. Juan de Fuca Water Commission

    Obtain information regarding the Juan de Fuca Water Commission.

  4. Capital Regional District Solid Waste Advisory

    Find out about the committee on solid waste.

  5. Capital Regional District Water Commission

    Browse information regarding the commission on water.

  6. CREST

    Find out about CREST.

  1. Greater Victoria Family Court Committee

    Discover the committee for the Greater Victoria Family Court.

  2. Greater Victoria Public Library Board

    Learn about the Greater Victoria Public Library Board.

  3. Intermunicipal Committee on Disability Issues

    Browse information regarding the Intermunicipal Committee on Disability Issues.

  4. Treaty Advisory Committee

    Discover the Treaty Advisory Committee.

  5. Western Communities Policing Advisory Committee

    Browse information regarding the Wester Communities Policing Advisory Committee.

  6. West Shore Parks & Recreation Society

    Learn about the West Shore Parks and Recreation Society.