Annual and Financial Reports

Annual Reports

In accordance with the Community Charter, an Annual Municipal Report must be prepared and made available to the public before June 30th each year. The report includes information on the District's financial position, services and operations, and must include the following information:

  • the audited financial statements for the previous year;
  • for each permissive tax exemption provided, the amount of property taxes that would have been imposed on the property in the previous year, if it were not exempt for that year;
  • a report respecting municipal services and operations for the previous year;
  • a progress report respecting the previous year in relation to the objectives and measures established for that year;
  • if applicable, any declarations of disqualification in the previous year, including identification of the Council member or former Council member involved, and the nature of the disqualification;
  • a statement of municipal objectives, and the measures that will be used to determine progress respecting those objectives, for the current and next year;
  • any other information Council considers advisable.

The annual report is made available for public inspection at the Municipal Hall and at an Annual Public Meeting prior to June 30.

Annual Reports        

2022 Annual Report

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Financial Reports

After the end of the year, the District's financial statements are prepared by staff and are audited by an independent accounting firm. By June 30th in each year, a municipality must hold a council or other public meeting for the purpose of presenting the statements. Notice of this meeting is given by publication in the local paper.

Audited Financial Statements 

2022 Statements
2021 Statements 
2020 Statements
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2011 Statements
2010 Statements
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