Applications and related bylaws

Listed below are the various applications, if you require an application for something not listed please contact the district office directly. 

A Site Profile formis required if you are applying for a:

  • Development Permit
  • Development Variance Permit
  • Soil Removal
  • Rezoning
  • Subdivision Preliminary Layout Assessment.

Guidance for filling out a Site Profile form | Site Profile Form

Schedule 2 - If none of these listed activities has occured on the property then you DO NOT have to complete a site profile



Blasting Application
Blasting Bylaw

Board of Variance

Board of Variance Application
Board of Variance Bylaw

Development Permit

Development Permit Application
Checklist for DP Area #1 - Steep Slopes
Checklist for DP Area #2 - Water and Riparian Areas
Checklist for DP Area #3 - Sensitive Vegetation
Checklist for DP Area #4 - Commercial Industrial Gateway
Checklist for DP Area #5 - Intensive Residential
Application DP Area #6
Checklist for DP Area #6 - Energy and Water Conservation and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases
Provincial Riparian Area Regulation Pamphlet
Water and Riparian Areas Handout
Site Profile Form

Development Variance Permit

Development Variance Permit Application
Zoning Bylaw
Zoning Map
Site Profile Form
Driveway Access Permit
 Driveway Access Permit
   Streets and Traffic Bylaw

Official Community Plan (OCP)

Amenity Rezoning Considerations Policy 
OCP Amendment Application
OCP Bylaw
Schedule A (OCP) 

OCP Maps

Parks & Trails

Parks and Trails Map
Parks and Trails Master Plan


Sign Application
Sign Policy

Soil Removal / Deposit

Soil Removal / Deposit Application
Soil Removal / Deposit Bylaw
Site Profile Form

Streets & Traffic

Street Work in the District
Streets and Traffic Bylaw

Subdivision Land Development

Subdivision Application - Preliminary Layout Assessment Application
Subdivision Application - Final Approval
 Other required Forms:
Form 2 - Design Drawing 
Assessment Application
Form 4 - Engineer's Undertaking
Form 5 - Drainage Certificate
Form 6 - Permission to Construct
Form 7 - Private Well Certification
Form 8 - Well Pump Field Test
Form 9 - Well Pump Test Summary
Form 10 - Certification of Inspection
Form 11 - Agreement to Pay
Form 12 - Agreement for Construction of Subdivision Services
Driveway Access Permit

Subdivision or Development of Land Bylaw
Site Profile Form

Subdivision and Rezoning Development Notification Sign

Subdivision and Rezoning Sign Application
Subdivision and Rezoning Sign Policy

Sustainable Highlands

Sustainability Appraisal Form
Decision Making Framework
Sustainability Appraisal Policy

Temporary Commercial or Industrial Use

Temporary Commercial or Industrial Use Application Form


Roadside Trails and Cycle Network Master Plan
Trails Master Plan Map

Tree Cutting

Tree Cutting Permit
Tree Cutting Bylaw


Zoning Amendment - OCP Amendment Application
Development Variance Permit Application
Home-Based Business Regulations

Zoning Bylaw

Zoning Map
Site Profile Form