Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

The District of Highlands created this emergency plan to help District staff and community representatives save lives, reduce suffering, protect property, mitigate damage to the environment, and control the economic consequences of emergencies and disasters.

This plan provides operational guidance for coordinating response to emergencies and disasters that may arise from all hazards threatening the District. Overall, the Plan is designed to guide emergency response, inform other organizations about our approach to response and recovery, and support training.

Council approved the 2018 Emergency Response Plan on June 18, 2018.

2018 Emergency Response Plan

Strategic Plan for Highlands Emergency Response Plan

The strategic plan for Highlands Emergency Response Plan provides a comprehensive management program to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters.  

These requirements are to establish and maintain an emergency management organization to develop and implement emergency plans, among a number of other related requirements.  

Implementing these important responsibilities demands an orderly and thoughtful approach. The Strategic Plan for the Highlands Emergency Program addresses this need by proposing specific objectives and strategies for the corning five years, and estimating annual budgetary requirements for the program.

To support this mission, the Highlands Emergency Program Strategic Plan identifies eight objectives:

  • Objective 1: Get Organized
  • Objective 2:  Assess Risks 
  • Objective 3:  Mitigate Risks
  • Objective 4:  Plan for Emergency Response 
  • Objective 5:  Plan for Business Continuity 
  • Objective 6:  Plan for Disaster Recovery 
  • Objective 7:  Ensure Preparedness
  • Objective 8:  Evaluate and Renew the Program

Each objective is delineated by describing the strategies and targeted actions needed, including estimates of time requirements and expenses.

This version of the Strategic Plan defines 77 actions that serve the  interests of the public in advancing emergency management for the District of Highlands. Among these action items, 34 tasks represent annual requirements that must be accomplished every year to maintain a reasonable level of preparedness. The remaining 43 actions specify one-time projects requiring targeted action in the next five years.

2019  Highlands Emergency Program Strategic Plan