Highlands Music Coffee House

Hello all music and arts fans and enthusiasts,

Here is information for Highlands Music Coffee House on 
September 16, 2023: 

Highlands Music Coffee House will be featuring One Wheel Band

(Please see the flyer).

Doors open at 6:30 & and music will start at 7:00

Live music at the historic Caleb Pike House, 699 Caleb Pike Road, Highlands

For any questions or suggestions, you can email: zhinoos219@gmail.com


Here is the list of dates and concerts / featured musicians at the Highlands Music Coffee House for the 2023 (taking place at the Caleb Pike House).
Please refer to this page (or the emails you receive from the organizers of the Highlands Music Coffee House) for more details about the musicians each month.

September 16 One Wheel
October 14 - Homespun
November 4 - Karel Roessingh and Colleen Eccleston
December 9 - Bowker Creek

PAST 2023
August 12 - Mufaro Marimba
July 15 - Southbound and Friends
June 10 - Plus One
May 13 - Los Gringos Locos
April 15 - Thomas Radcliffe
March 11 - Dave Gallant 
February 11 - Huckleberry Holler, John Taylor and  Chris Ainsworth

A short history of the Highlands Coffee House - by Zhinoos Armstrong

The Highlands Music Coffee House which started in 1998 to provide a community service where Highlanders, young and old, could get together once a month to listen to live music and have a place where kinship could grow.

The organizers of the Coffee House are all volunteers, are music lovers and feel music and arts are an integral and important aspect of everyone’s life. There is a lovely quote that says, "A wonderful song gives wings to the spirit and fills the heart with exaltation".
 Volunteers of the Highlands Coffee House help organize the events, send out flyers/invitations, set up tea and coffee table, bring cookies, put chairs back at the end of the events, etc. Highlands Music Coffee House also has the help of the wonderful Caleb Pike Heritage grounds care takers. Their amazing services has included such things as setting up chairs and even decorating the place for some occasions. 

These music nights are free for those who can’t afford, and by honorary donation for those who can afford and would like to share the delight of being able to bring these lovely musicians to these events.

The musicians we have had over the years have been from Montreal, Ontario, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Victoria, Highlands itself, also musicians from U.S., Europe and Australia.

 Please check the list of musicians that we provide on this website. Also, if you want you can email us and be put on an email list, where you would receive monthly reminders of the dates of these events, also names of the musicians who will be playing each month..

 We thank all our wonderful musicians, all our fabulous audience, our amazing volunteers/people who help in so many ways to make these live music nights a great experience and a great place to get together. We thank all those who over the years done some sort of service for the community.

 Highlands Music Coffee House was able to re-start its in-person music events in April 2022 after a two year time away.   We had to cancel all events since April 2020 due to the historical events we were all going through in the world. After one year though, in 2021 we started on-line (over Zoom) music nights! 

For the time being, we will continue having our live in-person music nights at our favorite Caleb Pike House.  In the meantime (and closer to the winter) we will see whether there will be updated protocols from PHOs and whether we will need to move to on-line Zoom format again. We will let you know. Please refer to this page.
  Meanwhile stay keep smiling, share kindness, and keep the music going.