The narrow, winding roads are an important part of the rural character and heritage of the Highlands.  Pedestrian, cycling and equestrian trails are also important links within the community.

A significant part of a more sustainable transportation system in the Highlands is increased transportation options to reduce car trips. Half the community’s energy use is from residential vehicles, so an important challenge is to reduce this source of GHGs and collaborate on more efficient options.

The ease and safety for pedestrian and cyclist transport must be increased while protecting the environment adjacent to roads and trails through best practices in design, construction and maintenance.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Station

Highlands has an authorized agreement with the Fraser Basin Council and has established electrical vehicle charging stations at the new Community Hall site near the corner of Millstream and Finlayson Arm Roads.

Roadside Trails and Cycle Network Master Plan

Recommendations for Trails:

  • Millstream Road from the Langford boundary to the Emma Dixon
  • trailhead including bike lanes south of the Millstream Lake Road junction
  • Millstream Lake Road from Millstream Road to Munn Road
  • Munn Road from 1.4 kilometers east of the Millstream Lake Road junction to the Highlands east boundary
  • Woodridge Place from the Munn Road junction to Blue Valley Road
  • Caleb Pike Road west from Millstream Road to the existing off road trail

Trail Priorities:

The proposed Highlands road-side trail system totals approximately 15 kilometers. Based on 2009 and 2010 resident survey responses, trail priorities are:

  • Millstream Road south of the Millstream Lake Road junction - including bike lanes (3.0 km)
  • Millstream Road north of the Millstream Lake Road junction (3.5 km)
  • Munn Road from 1.4 km east of Millstream Lake Road to the east boundary (5.9 km)
  • Millstream Lake Road between Millstream Road & Munn Road (1 km)
  • Woodridge Place (1.2 km)
  • Other routes as warranted

Roadside Trails and Cycle Network Master Plan

BC Transit

BC Transit provides handyDART service to residents in west Highlands. This service is critical for enabling seniors and persons with disabilities to access services and programs both within and outside the District. The one current “paratransit” service, established in 2003, is a morning and evening peak hour commuter route provided between Treanor Avenue at Millstream Road in Langford and Martlett Drive at Millstream Road. Please be aware that this service is provided only to transit users who will be carrying on to bus Route 57 Phelps or coming from Victoria on bus Route 57 Phelps. 

BC Transit’s Transit Future Plan (2011) for the Capital Region includes the paratransit service and extending regular service to Hanington and Millstream Roads for direct connection to rapid transit.

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