Property Tax Deferment Program


Starting 2020, the BC Government is changing their application process for Applying for Deferment of Property Taxes and municipalities will no longer accept paper deferment applications or renewals.  Why?

• Currently, it takes up to five months for applications to the property tax deferment program to be reviewed due to the high volume of applications. As well, eligible owners must complete a renewal application each year. 

• Ineligible property owners were subjected to penalties and interest for not paying their taxes on time as a result of not meeting requirements or as a result of delays in the review of their applications. 

• The new online application process will allow for quicker application review. 

Available May 2020, BC residential property owners will apply for property tax deferment on their principal residence online (through the BC Government Deferment website below) and can set up their account to auto renew every year, as long as their eligibility does not change.

For those property owners already taking part in the BC Government Deferment Program and receiving paper-based renewals, a letter will be forwarded to you by the BC Government Deferment Branch with instructions on how to Register Online.

Property owners who still wish to apply via a paper application, the application will be downloadable from the Deferment Branch website (May 2020).  The District will NOT accept paper-based applications and will have to be mailed to the BC Government.  The paper-based application will NOT be eligible for the auto renewal option which is available through the online version only, and delays may still occur with these applications.

Important: property owners must still apply for the Home Owner Grant (HOG) every year (to be mailed with tax notice at the end of May or through our ONLINE SERVICES button on and clear up any outstanding taxes or penalties before applying for Deferment of current year property taxes.

The BC Government Deferment website: