Electronic Home Owner Grant
Claim the grant electronically through our website at and choose the ONLINE SERVICES button. To do so, you will require the 4-digit ACCESS Code/PIN and 8-digit Roll Number located on the upper right corner of your property tax notice. If you claim electronically, please keep your paper application form along with a printout of your confirmation for 7 years. Grant applications are audited by the Home Owner Grant Branch to determine if taxpayers were eligible for the grants they received and you could be called upon to prove the eligibility.

Access codes are associated with the owner of the property, not to the property itself. Access codes change automatically when there is a change of ownership. This change can be due to a sale, an addition or name change of an owner, addressing and for other administrative reasons.

When a change of ownership occurs, the owner is assigned a new access code.
Access codes are confidential and to maintain their confidentiality we are required by law to only give them to the registered owner of a property, which we cannot confirm by phone.
The District can only provide access codes to the registered owner of a property in two ways:

1. By mail to the mailing address we have on file for the property, or
2. In person at the District Office (you will need to provide picture identification)

A registered owner’s previous tax bills will also show the access code.