Bylaw Enforcement Services

What We Do

The Bylaw Department is responsible for the enforcement of the District's bylaws.  The Bylaw Officer works to educate the community about bylaws, enforce fairly and consistently and resolve any bylaw conflicts in a collaborative way.

Certain areas of enforcement are health and safety related and requires proactive enforcement, the majority of regulations are enforced on a complaint only basis.  The Bylaw Officer may investigate written complaints received from the public of alleged violations such as property maintenance, excessive noise, land alterations and building issues.  

Animal Control

Animal control services for the District of Highlands are provided, by contract, through the Capital Regional District.  Please call 250-478-0624 or E-mail

How to Make a Bylaw Complaint:

Complaints must be submitted in writing, with the exception of those that identify urgent contraventions (health and safety), before they will be considered for investigation.  All complaints must include complete contact information for the complainant (name, address and telephone number).  

The District will receive complaints in various ways:

  • By completing and submitting the electronic Bylaw Complaint Form
  • By printing off, completing and submitting the Bylaw Complaint Form
  • By Email 
  • By Fax to 250-474-3677
  • By mail:  Bylaw Officer, 1980 Millstream Road, Victoria, BC  V9B 6H1
  • Drop off in person to District Office, 1980 Millstream Road  

Bylaw complaint information is considered confidential and will not be released, except as may be required under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act or otherwise required by law.  The District may require you to act as a witness, should a bylaw complaint case proceed to Court if an infraction cannot be resolved.

Bylaw Enforcement Procedure Policy

Find a Bylaw

The District will receive certain complaints by telephone as long as the complainant leaves complete contact information.  These complaints are usually low priority complaints such as garbage on right-of-way, road issues (pot holes), or signs down.