Emergency Information

Emergency Communication Tools

What are those you ask?  Listed below are ideas for your consideration that may assist you in case of an emergency type situation.

"Notify Me" - this is a component of the District of Highlands website.  Signing up prior to an emergency type situation will allow you to receive emails or texts messages through your home computer or cell phone when there is a news update.  There is a link in the ribbon below which will take you the "Notify Me" sign-up page.

Create a District of Highlands website Account:

  • On the DOH website you can create a user account
  • This account allows you to be added to the special Highlands HELP group
  • Any post or communications to this group will be emailed or texted to you
  • Conversations can occur, even during any emergency, even if cell service is cut off

Emergency Evacuation Routes

Know your evacuation route is crucial during an emergency type situation.  Listed below under the evacuation tab is information on procedure and on routes.  Print out your route, place it in a safe visible space and even in your Emergency Preparedness Kit

Emergency References, Links and Information

Listed below is information to assist you in an emergency situation.  Many of the items are links that will take you another page on our site or another emergency preparedness site.  If you do not find the information you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact the municipal office at 250-474-1773.

Contact Info Not Listed Below:

CBC Radio - 90.5 FM

CFAX Radio - 1070 AM