South Highlands Local Area Plan

PlanningAs part of Council’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, the South Highlands Local Area Plan is officially underway. At their July 15, 2019 Meeting, Council approved the following Terms of Reference and Overview for the project, which includes a Task Force. 

·    Approved Terms of Reference (link)

·    Project Overview (link)

The first phase of the project is to determine what/where is South Highlands and outline the details of contents for the plan. The second phase is to create the South Highlands Local Area Plan. 

EXTENDED.....   Task Force Application Process

WHAT:  Highlands Council seeks to appoint preferably 7 and up to 9 people to serve on a task force to work with a consultant to make recommendations to Council in regards to a South Highlands Local Area Plan.  Council will appoint the members.  The overall selection process will seek to achieve a broad range of views.  Please see the Project Terms of Reference and Estimated Project Overview.  The Consultant for the project will design the process and be responsible to carry it out.

WHEN:  The project is expected to start November 2019 and finish December 2020.  Ideally, for overall project continuity, Task Force Members would be available for the duration of the project.

HOW TO APPLY:  Please submit a brief letter outlining details of relevant background information including contact information, qualifications, experiences, details of residency, community activities and reasons for wanting to serve on the task force.

Please submit your letter to:

Attention:  Laura Beckett
Mail or Drop off:  1980 Millstream Road, Victoria BC   V9B 6H1
Fax:  250-474-3677
Due:  October 30, 2019 end of the day.

Next Steps...

Over the summer and into October 2019, the following will happen:

·    Staff will conduct a request for proposals to find a consultant to conduct the project. This will be posted on BC Bid (link)

·    Advertising and collecting applications for Task Force members.  Please see above.

Recommendations to Council in both regards are expected to be made in November 2019. 

Links to Background Information: 

·    July 15, 2019 Council Minutes 

·    July 15, 2019 Staff Report to Counci