South Highlands Local Area Plan

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As part of Council’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, the South Highlands Local Area Plan is officially underway. At their July 15, 2019 Meeting, Council approved the following Terms of Reference and Overview for the project, which includes a Task Force.

·    Approved Terms of Reference (link)

·    Updated Project Overview - September 8, 2020

The first phase of the project is to determine what/where is South Highlands and outline the details of contents for the plan. The second phase is to create the South Highlands Local Area Plan. 

September 2020 Update

Phase 2 is underway! This is the phase where plan will actually be created – Research, public (probably mostly online) engagement, writing…more research, more public (probably mostly online) engagement, more writing…Until we collectively get it right.  

Over the summer, the Task Force met once through a Zoom meeting and finalized the Background Analysis Summary Report that provides overall project context, policy directions that inform the South Highlands Local Area Plan, and the policy framework into which the plan will be integrated. Key to the project is the Engagement Plan , which was the other item finalized by the Task Force over the summer. 

STILL TO HAPPEN:  Key outstanding issues from Phase 1 to be resolved early in Phase 2: 

  • Consideration for expanding Task Force – As a result of establishing a local area plan boundary, broader membership would result in a more informed group. 
  • Consultation with Tsartlip First Nation and Ecoasis (Bear Mountain) – Properties owned by these groups are within the local area plan boundary.
  • Build Task Force capacity for decision-making – Part of this was to provide an overview of District policies and regulations. Here is a link to the presentation and a summary sheet of policies, bylaws, and regulations.  

July 2020 Update

Zoom Meeting #1 of Phase 2 – July 27, 2020, Monday, 12-1:30PM

Background Analysis Summary Report - Draft
Engagement Plan - Draft
Summary Notes - Meeting#1 of Phase 2

April 2020 Update

At its April 6, 2020 Meeting, Council approved Phase 2 of the South Highlands Local Area Plan.

Fortunately, the Task Force Meetings for Phase 1 were not interrupted by the Public Health Orders for COVID-19. Below are the outcomes of the Task Force’s work for Phase 1. It is expected that these three elements will make up a Terms of Reference for Phase 2. In line with the overall Project Terms of Reference and Overview, a Terms of Reference will go to Council for their approval. This is expected to happen soon. Feel free to email if you have any questions. 

•    South Highlands Local Area Boundary Map

•    South Highlands Local Area Plan Outline

•    South Highlands Local Area Plan Process

February 2020 Update
Phase 1

Task Force Meetings have been scheduled. They will be held at the Community Hall, 729 Finlayson Arm Road. Public are welcome to attend and listen to the discussion.

Each session will have a different topic.  We will post meeting materials and notes when they are complete.

The second meeting will cover two topics AND will occur twice on the same day:

Session 1 – February 13, Thursday, 12-1:30PM

Session 1 Material

Sessions 2 and 3 COMBINED – February 26, Wednesday

  • Afternoon – 12-2pm
  • Evening – 6:30-8:30pm

*NB: Both times will cover the same material.

Session 2 & 3 Material

Session 4 – Monday, March 9, 5:30 – 7pm

Session 4 Material

December 2019 Update & Next Steps:

Council has awarded a contract to Barefoot Planning + Design as lead consultant for the project. Planning work will start in December, and the first Task Force Meeting will occur between December 2019 and January 2020. All meetings are open to the public. Check back to this web  page for more details as they become available. 

Task Force Members Appointed

Thanks and Congratulations to Task Force Members!

South Highlands 
Local Area Task Force
Lexie Biegun
Regine Klein
Rick Lester
Bob McMinn
Scott Richardson
Mel Sangha
Kim Vincent
Stephanie Wilkins
Terri Wood

Links to Background Information: